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Meet The Team

Our team builds on 20+ years of experience in space systems, electromagnetism, biomedical, and commercial, academic, and federal space programs.

Kole Lutz Beam Launch.jpg

Kole Lutz

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6+ years in space systems, materials science, & electromagnetism
Cofounder, Magneto Space

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Cadiou Herve, PhD

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15+ years in bioelectromagnetism, space, art, plants

Adjunct Faculty, ISU and INCI

Terry Trevino Magneto Space.jpg

Terry Trevino

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5+ years in Astrophysics and Electromagnetism,

MSc in Space Studies, Aerospace Science

Cofounder, Magneto Space

Founder, Space4All


Gil Cauthorn, PhD 

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Astrobotany Researcher, Bioregenerative life support systems

PhD Student at University of North Dakota

5+ years in astrobotany, lab, bioinformatics, space plant exp on ISS, 


Terry Rector, PhD

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20+ year’s in satellites and electrical engineering

Sr. Project Leader, Aerospace Corporation


Lindsay Rutter, PhD

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JSPS postdoctoral fellow at the University of Tsukuba and USRA Intern NASA Ames

PhD & 15+ yrs in Bioinformatics and Comp Biology

Our Partners

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