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An online library documenting and sharing research on electromagnetic fields, spintronics, quantum electrodynamics (QED), electromagtronic engineering, biophysical effects, and more. We collaborate with researchers from universities, agencies and organizations to advance the field beyond Earth.

Dipsikha Ganguly, Ajay Piriya V.S., et al, Scientific Reports, 2020

EM field at anode with coating and N-doped carbon matrix yielded increase in the capacity from 80 mAh. g−1 to 150 mAh and LIB performance. Effects are attributed to the field-dependent enhancement of diffusion and convection due to the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) effect.

magnetic field assisted li battery power space.png

Kole Lutz and Terry Trevino, 2022, AIAA ASCEND, Las Vegas

Astronauts lose on average 1% to 2% of their bone mineral density every month, or bone loss equivalent to two decades of ageing.A <3kg PEMF yields decreased osteoclasts, increased recovery time by 40% (Cebrian, 2010) increases fracture healing by 46% (Mami, 1993)The first on-orbit pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) experiment is proposed on 2-4 humans or astronauts in LEO.

PEMF on Bones on Humans Space ISS magneto space kole lutz terry trevino 2022.png

Trevino, Rector, et al, 2022. ICES, St. Paul Minnesota,  July 2022

In spring 2022, researchers designed and built two HH coils with goal to test effects of NNMF and planetary crustal fields (CF) on plants, microorganisms, algae, and other systems in vitro. The first 25kg HH coil apparatus with COTS components yielded NNMF strength of 3-5mG and 8 cm per side or 530 cm^3 NNMF volume in centre with 100 coil turns, 500 milliwatt max coil current and 12V operating voltage. 

design build helmholtz coil space biology hypomagnetic field nnmf ices 2022 terry trevino

Kolemann Lutz, Terry Trevino, et al, 2021. 72nd International Astronautical Congress (IAC), Dubai

Earth's geomagnetic field or natural PEMFs are essential to sustain the health of humans and life. As organisms have evolved within Earth's magnetic field .2-.7 Gauss (20-70µT) for billions of years, PEMFs have an important role in sustaining life beyond Earth and for human space exploration.

EM Fields to Sustain Life on Planets IAC 2021 Magneto Space.jpg

(Byelery, Sognier, et al, 2005, NASA Johnson Space Center,  Biennial Research and Technology Report p76

The 2005 study from NASA  Johnson Space Center (JSC) on PEMF for Bone Loss and Muscle Atrophy, developed the hardware for stable magnetic control with a helmholtz coil design and a software to evaluate the most effective PEMF frequencies, waveforms, and pulse durations.

Goodwin NASA 2004 PEMF Study.jpg

Thomas J Goodwin, 2004, NASA NTRS

four year NASA study found greatest efficacy of PEMF on neural cells was from TVEMF square waves low 10 Hz frequencies and 1-20uT. In measuring 10,000+ human genes from chip analyses, the proliferation rate of the TVEMF cells was 2.5 to 4.0 times the rate of the non-waveform cells.

Goodwin NASA 2004 PEMF Study.jpg

(Monitiel, et al, 2003 APHYS 1st Meeting, Badajoz, Spain

Signal generator oscillator provides X-band microwave carrier frequency around 10 GHz and modulates  with 7.8Hz X-band signal carrier. With ferromagnetic resonance affect, ELF picoTesla magnetic fields induce vibrations & Schumann Resonance (SR) to synchronise biomagnetite in brain and human body. 

PEMF Device Signal Generator 2003.png

Neil Cherry, 2002, Journal of Natural hazards,

With around 2,000 thousand lightning storms continuously, the upper boundary of the resonant cavity in Earth’s ionospheric D region has sufficient electron density and forms the schumann resonance signal (at 7.83 Hz). Responding to ELF signals produce tissue electric gradients of ULF/ELF oscillating signals at a threshold of 10-7 to 10-8 V/cm involves the non-linear resonant absorption of ULF/ELF oscillating signals into systems that use natural ion oscillation signals

SR Resonances 2002 Study.png
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