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Developing Product Prototypes

Enabling Electromagnetic Field Therapy to Improve Human Performance

Magneto is designing, building, and testing low cost pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) devices for osteoporosis, glaucoma, and human health with partners.

We advance research and practice to electromagnetically stimulate fluids, better regulate Intraocular pressure (ICP),  cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), and blood flow.


EM-Field Programmable Gate Array (EM- FPGA) Microcontroller

Our affordable, lightweight and low power prototype delivers pulsed waves and electromagnetic fields to increase exciton electron-hole pair dissociation, photocurrent generation, and e- flow with power systems and electronics. Initial prototypes and α-Fe2O3 coatings metamaterials are currently being designed and tested to improve battery and solar cell performance.

Hardware integration and advising

Magneto plans to design, build, tests, and launch of PEMF 1.5U 2nd MagSat for first on orbit demo in 2024. Custom Spin microcontroller and software modelling results are available for larger spacecraft and satellites upon request. Models predict subystems performance and interactions with electromagnetic fields to optimize payload designs. 


Modelling and Analysis of NNMF & EM Fields

After building and modelling two prototypes of  HelmHoltz (HH) coils to cancel out the Earth's magnetic field, Magneto is modelling 3D point cloud vectors with MagPy Lib and conducting experiments and tests in the 2nd gen 12V 27kg HH coils with larger test bed in San Francisco Lab. With 3-5mG high field uniformity and plant growth in simulated NNMF, our team Magneto is offering free testing under simulated hypomagnetic field (sHMF) biological effects on cells, plants, bacteria, and materials of interest.

Prototyping Electromagnetic Devices & Wearables

EM fields induces vibrations on surface of cell's plasma membrane, ion gated channels & proteins, and transmit ions across cell membranes (Panagopoulos, et al, 2002)​.

In expanding upon NASA's effort on PEMF in 2000s and helping analyse biomedical data, Magneto is designing and building  low cost electromagnetism prototypes.

Customer and Partnership Workflow

Contract, Data Collection, and Operations

We are developing Magneto Software Package Integration to help you plan mission CONOPS.


Modelling & Hardware Integration

Our success is built on several years of research, modelling, and innovation. Cloud-based visualization and modeling tools to

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Prototyping & Technical Review

We are designing, building, and testing prototypes for commercialisation.

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