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EMG Generator to Improve Materials

After three years of testing, Magneto is prototyping Electromagnetic Field EMG devices to improve material physical, structural, mechanical properties such as elasticity, corrosion resistance, conductivity, ductility, and more. Our low power patent pending EMGs holds potential to: 

  • Improve material properties, electrostatic discharge and surface charging

  • Support exciton hole pair dissociation & transport

  • Increase domain alignment with high kA/m saturation ratio

  • Improve lifespan and systems performance

EMG Installation, Software, and Operations

We work with you to design, install, and operate Electromagnetic Field Generator (EMG) customized to your project needs and challenges.Software modelling results are available upon request. Data analysis before and afteward quantify material response, field interactions, and quantify current risk, ROI, lifespan extension, and more. Proprietary Software analyzes data-to notify you of structural risk and timings for recommended Electromagnetic Field Treatments. We are offering 25% discount if ordered by August 2024 on EMGs for organisations and partners.

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1. Apply EM Field


3. Improve EM Field, Lifespan, ROI

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2. Data Collection, Analysis, Software

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