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As organisms evolved within Earth's magnetic field .2-.7 Gauss (20-70µT) and electric field (120-150 V/min) for billions of years, EM fields induce vibrations for ion transport, signaling, and molecular bonds to sustain the health of plants, humans, and life. As batteries are designed for 10 years, solar cells are designed for 15 years in space, around 25-50% of lifespan on Earth. Founded in April 2022, Magneto Space (MS) is enabling R&D to bring Electromagnetic Fields and spintronics to improve performance of biological and abiotic systems beyond Earth.


For more than 50 years since the 1970s, spacecraft and space systems continue to operate without magnetic fields and spintronics.

A lack of understanding of effects of near null magnetic field (NNMF) on nearby planetary bodies and in uG on biology, materials, space systems continues to effect system performance, power, costs, and mission risk beyond Earth.


Our mission isto electromagnetically enhance satellites, biology, and spacecraft beyond Earth, to become the first EM-field FPGA space subsystem provider.

Our vision to significantly improve space systems performance, enable planetary magnetospheres, and advance capability of electromagnetic fields throughout our host Star system and Universe.

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