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Enabling Electromagnetic Fields and Spintronics on Earth and Beyond

As organisms and systems have evolved within Earth's magnetic field .2-.7 Gauss (20-70µT) and electric field (100-300 V/min) for billions of years, electromagnetic fields induce vibrations for ion transport, signaling, and molecular bonds to sustain the health of plants, humans, and life.

Founded in April 2022, Magneto Space (MS) is advancing R&D to enable electromagnetic fields, spintronics, and metamaterials to improve the performance of humans, biological and abiotic systems. 


Building Prototypes

Design, build, and testing PEMF Prototype for demos in 2023-2024

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11+ R&D Projects

Get involved in space electromagnetism R&D projects


6+ researchers

An international team of researchers pushing the envelope of science

Developing Electromagnetic Field Therapy to Improve Human Performance

Magneto is designing, building, and testing low cost pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) devices for osteoporosis, glaucoma, and human health with partners.

We advance research and practice to electromagnetically stimulate fluids, better regulate Intraocular pressure (ICP),  cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), and blood flow.


Prototyping Electromagnetic FPGA and Mission Planning

Magneto is advancing the design, build, and software to commercialise the electromagnetically enhanced rad microcontroller FPGA for spacecraft and space stations. Our affordable, lightweight and low power prototype delivers pulsed waves and electromagnetic fields to increase exciton electron-hole pair dissociation, photocurrent generation, and e- flow with batteries, solar cells, and electronics.Our high performance microcontroller old potential to increase systems power production by 50-100%, yield 25%+ greater mission lifespan, and reduce loss and costs.

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