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Enabling Electromagnetic Fields

As systems and organisms evolved within Earth's magnetic field .2-.7 Gauss (20-80µT) and electric field (100-300 V/metre) for billions of years, electromagnetic fields induce vibrations on electrons, ions, and molecular bonds.

Founded in April 2022, Magneto Space provides products and services to apply electromagnetic fields and improve the performance of materials, systems, and life.


6+ Partner Organisations


51+ Years in Engineering & Electromagnetism

Developing Products

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Improving Materials and Structures

Our patent pending electromagnetic field EMG devices support our customers and partners materials and systems. Our lightweight and low power EM Field generator holds potential to: 

  • Modulate defects, electrostatic discharge and surface charging

  • Support exciton  hole pair dissociation, electrode kinetics & transport

  • Increase strength with high kA/m saturation

  • Improve lifespan and performance 

Order Electromagnetic Field Generator (EMG)

After three years of testing and data analysis, Magneto is testing and developing low power EMG Generators that hold potential to improve material physical, structural, mechanical properties such as elasticity, conductivity, ductility, and more.   

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Our Partners

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